Traditions and Dead Fish
11:24 p.m. - 2003-12-28

Hello Everyone!

How were your holidays?

Well, let's just say, Weight Watchers was shot straight to hell for me.

How, you ask? Let me recap for ya the week of family traditions...

Wednesday, December 24

Family Tradition 1. We always have barbeque on Christmas Eve. Now, usually it is very cold out, so we end up ordering from this local place, Sims. Now, I can basically take or leave anything on their menu. I'd planned on having smoked chicken -- thus staying OP. BUT, the weather was absolutely gorgeous this Christmas Eve. We ended up having the most gorgeous T-bone steaks (over $400 worth!)I've ever seen AND, gourmet steak burgers. I couldn't resist. I had a T-bone, which I sliced thin and put it on a salad -- with regular salad dressing (, so close).

Thursday, December 25

Christmas Day; Family Tradition 2. We had a huge feast. I'm talking about homemade cakes that started out as cake flour; caramel icing that started out as plain white sugar and evaporated milk; chocolate frosting that started out as hershey's cocoa; an absolutely perfect ham which had slow roasted all night; delectable dressing; and sweet potato pies -- OH MY! There was much, much more, but these are the things that did me in. My mom did make one of the pies with Splenda. I made a marble cake with applesauce and egg whites, also. I put a very, very thin layer of frosting on it. So, needless to say, all of my good intentions went out of the window.

Friday, December 26

Family Tradition 3. A movie and Red Lobster. The entire family piled into several cars and trucks and went to an early movie. There were kids with us, so we couldn't see the new Lord of the Rings movie. We ended up seeing Love Don't Cost A Thing. It was a cute movie. There was popcorn and coke galore. We then split up for a minute. My sister and I took all of the kids to the mall to pick out their own gifts, while everyone else went to Red Lobster to wait on a table. Amazingly, we were in and out of the mall once we found somewhere to park. The kids knew exactly where they wanted to go (Kid's Foot Locker, Clair's, and Limited Too). At Red Lobster, I ordered the rosemary chicken and crab stuffed flounder. There were LOTS of appetizers. I had some, of course (chicken tenders and cheese sticks). I also had the most succulent, delicious baked potato smothered in butter that I've ever tasted. My order came, and they'd put shrimp scampi on my plate. Luckily, I don't eat shrimp. The chicken was excellent. The flounder was good without the deviled crab stuffing (I scraped it out -- too salty). Hey, at least I had water to drink. Let's not forget about the leftover sweets, too.

Saturday, December 27

Family Tradition 4. The fish fry. A ton of catfish, bass, and buffalo. Need I say more?

Then, today, I basically just ate any and everything. But, it's back OP first thing Monday. I got my Fast Track Kit at the WW meeting Tuesday (where I lost 1.75 pounds). So, I'll be following the high protein plan for 2 weeks. Also, Curves opens back up Monday. I'll be going (hopefully) 6 days a week, instead of 3.

I bet you're wondering what I got for Christmas, aren't you? Well, my mom is the one who paid for my Curves membership through February. That was my gift from her. And, that's all I got. My birthday is in 5 days, though. So, I'm still hoping to get the 19-week plan at WW. It's $119, instead of $190.

I gotta day, this is the first year in a long time that I've totally involved myself in celebrating with my family. I admit, I enjoyed the holidays much more than I thought I would.

Well, I'm going to play the Sims. Happy New Year, everyone. I'll see ya on the flip side of 2004.

Oh, I almost forgot. We lost a fish and an algae eater today. We have a huge tank which had 6 goldfish, 2 Africn cichlads, and 2 algae eaters. I'm not attached to the goldfish or the algae eaters, so I was unconcerned about losing them. But, had we lost one of the ciclads, I would have been, uhm, disappointed. Why? Well, this is like the 6th or 7th round of fish that this tank has held (2 of them being at this house, the remainder at my sister's). But, these 2 cichlads have made it through all of the rounds -- they've been here since day 1. They are the smallest and toughest things in the tank. Everyone affectionately calls them "The Twins".

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