Weigh In 2
8:22 p.m. - 2003-12-17

Have you checked the weight chart? If not, I'll wait.




So, I maintained this week. Oh, well. I've moved on. You should too.


Thank you guys for the information about the processed food and weighing in before/after working out. I worked out after I weighed in.

Welcome to all of the new readers. Sit a spell. Send me a shout below.

I need a theme song for this journey I've embarked on. When I've found one, I'll put it on here.

I made a huuuuugggeee meatloaf to eat on for dinner for the next 7 days. The entire thing is 95 points. I cut it into 18 pieces -- each being 5.2 points each. The size of the pieces go right along with the size guides. They're about the size of cassette tapes.

Is Curves considered a moderate workout? If so, it's 3 points for the entire 30 minutes (for me at my weight).

Is Leslie Sansone considered a light workout? If so, it's 2 points for 30 minutes (for me at my weight).

My clothes are starting to feel funny. Not funny as in too tight or too big, just funny as in I can feel them touching me. I know that doesn't make any sense, but a more apt description escapes me at the moment.

Well, have a good week everyone -- full of good food choices, good weigh ins, and especially good people.

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