Toe Woes and A Birthday, Anyone?
3:13 a.m. - 2004-01-05

So, hello! How are y'all doing?

Welcome to all of the new folks. Thanks for stopping by.

So, I didn't get back on track Monday. I did play the Sims after that last entry. While I was playing, I managed to stick a toothpick through my toe (the big toe, if you're wondering -- no, I was not wearing shoes, only socks). I was playing The Sims, minding my own business. I turned around in the chair to say something to my nephew, and I felt a hot stab of pain in my toe. I sat there staring at this toothpick stick out the top of my toe, not knowing what to do. I must have had a dumbfounded look on my face, because my nephew asked me what my problem was. I simply showed him my toe (which fascinated him). After proclaiming that the other end of the toothpick was sticking out of the bottom of my toe, he got the bright idea that we should pull it out. A little while and a few blood-curdling screams later, we arrived at the emergency room with the toothpick still firmly in place. Yadda yadda yadda, blah, blah, blah. . .I came home with a bandaged toe, antibiotics, and some very effective pain killers.

My toe stayed swollen a couple of days. Since I couldn't work out, I managed to use it as an excuse to be off points as well.

But, Saturday, January 3rd dawned a new day. Why, you ask? Well, BECAUSE I TURNED 25! I started the morning by attending a WW meeting, where I got some cookbooks and paid up for 14 weeks (birthday gifts from my mother). I weighed in at 327 (no big surprise, I'm over it). I then went to GNC to get some supplements and teas and stuffs. Next stop was Wal-Mart for food stuffs. So, I'm back OP. I'm doing the 2 week Fast Track High Protein. I modified it by adding a protein drink and cranberry tea (to help with, uhm, "pipe cleaning"). Monday (actually, in 5 hours) will be my first day back at the gym since before Christmas. Classes also start back today. Hopefully, work will start back next week (Have I mentioned that I'm broke?).

I just paid for 6 months of gold membership (said the broke girl). We'll see how it goes. So, what did I get for the BIG 25? I got: 14 weeks of WW, WW cookbooks, another (this makes the 3rd - hopefully, I can hold onto this one) digital camera, a digital coffee maker, clothes (in a size 22, "so I'll have a goal to shoot for" according to my mother), and $800 cash. I'm content. Everyone kept calling me to see about going out to eat (another family dinner, ugh), but I said we could go to a play next weekend instead (which if you've read my old diary, you'll know is ironic). I didn't want to chance ruining my first day back OP.

Romy: I am going to talk to the people at Curves. Thanks for the heads up.

Tracy: Welcome to the party! Sit a spell. Thank you so much, and I know you'll do wonderfully on WW.

Harakiri, Nimiiwin, and Thinartist: Thank you guys for the notes. As you can probably tell, I suck at responding in a timely manner.

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