Still standing
12:17 a.m. - 2003-10-26

I feel like I'm gaining weight and its frustraing. I haven't changed anything. But, here's my reasoning: a week ago I weighed 332. My home scale only goes up to 330. I'm still getting an error when I step on it. So, I'm still above 330...hence, no loss!

In other news...

The jackass is getting some backup. Jackass Jr. is coming back to live with us. Regarding the last entry...For the past week and a half, I've been having 1 1/2 oz lean ground beef for meal 5 (see menus above). Well, obviously, I can't fry it. And, why would I bother with baking such a small hamburger pattie? I have a George Forman grill that's very small (holds about 2 hamburger patties) and my mom has a huuuuge one (holds something like 30 hamburger patties) that takes up the entire counter. Her's stays in the box a one here cooks that much food at once. Mine, however, gets used a's the perfect size for a steak. So, my first day of eating beef, I prepare my little pattie. But, alas, no grill. My mom and I search and search and search. Yadda Yadda Yadda...the jackass gave it away. Yes, he gave away my property, without permission -- to his damn nephew! Had I wanted to part with my beloved grill, I would have given it to my nephew whose in college and lives in a dorm -- not his over-30, useless ass nephew! Breathe...breathe...So now, I have to use the huuuge grill. Imagine, if you will, placing a quarter in the middle of your pillow. Yeah, as the commercial goes, welcome to crazy world.

My nutritionist upped the number of sets I have to do when I'm doing weights. I now have to do 2 sets of 15. She also added 5 minutes to my treadmill time. So, maybe I'll 1. make my November goal, and 2. get under 330 so I can use my home scale.

I added a new link above. It says dollar box. So, check it out.

I've decided that once I'm finished with the 12 week program I'm on, I'm going to try the Body For Life challenge.

Vgurl, I got your note and I changed it. I'll be checking you out!

Y'all be sure to give me a shout below.

It's Week 4, Day 3 and I'm still standing!

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