A Hodge-Podge Quickie
11:38 p.m. - 2003-10-22

I cheated today. I let myself get too busy and hungry. My mom went to this bar-b-que place for dinner. I had a smoked beef sandwich with no sauce. I'm not too worried, though. The only other thing I've eaten has been a turkey beef hotdog and some unsweetened applesauce. I did drink all of my water today and took my supplements. I made it to the gym today -- barely.

The defendant, whom I will now call the JACKASS, struck again -- more later, maybe tomorrow.

I've got a full day tomorrow, so I need to get to bed. I work 8-5, then class from 5:30-10.

Slush: Thanks! Congrats on the 50lb star!

VGurl: Wow, thanks! You made my day! I'm planning to read your journal as soon as I get a minute to myself.

Obzes: Hey! I'll definitely come visit your blog.

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