Bah Humbug
9:11 p.m. - 2003-12-16

Hello! How is everyone? I hope you all have had productive weeks! Welcome to all of the new folks (kari & b-smaller), and thanks for sending me a shout. I sho' do 'preciate it.

Nothing much has been happening on this end. I've been reminded several times why I detest the freaking (that word was edited for your reading pleasure) holidays. Since we last talked, I've done my Leslie dvds twice and gone to Curves twice. I'm not expecting a loss at weigh in tomorrow, though. I used 6 FP Saturday and 6 more on Sunday. I really haven't been eating well -- at all. I've basically been wasting my points on junk everyday. Although -- I've been eating huuuuuggee salads all week, too. My scale (the bastard) shows me up 2 pounds, but we'll see tomorrow.

I really want to go to Curves tomorrow, but I got to figure out a time before my meeting. Does anyone know if working out immediately before a weigh in will affect it?

I've been hearing a lot about people cutting back on processed foods. I'm ashamed to admit that I wouldn't know where to start. What's processed and what's not? If any of you know of any good websites that would help me not be so, uhm, dumb, about this?

My shoulder is still bothering me. It only hurts at night. I think I've figured out the problem. When I'm in class at night, I tend to lean on this arm a lot (hey, it gets boring in class). I know, DUH! But, I still need to look at all of the possibilities. It feels like a burning pain -- like acid or something.

Well, I gotta go. My professor is wanting us to bring up our switch and router interfaces.

See ya on the flip side of weigh in.

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