Another Monday
12:06 p.m. - 2003-12-08

[55.] Where do you think you would be right now had you been a healthy weight your entire life? The same place, in the same relationships, with the same life experiences? Or in a completely different life? Will losing weight change your life situation?

I think that I will have a completely different life. Because I've been overweight all of my life, I felt unworthy a lot of times. I tended to just settle for things in my life. Losing weight in and of itself won't change the situation. Too much has been carved into my way of thinking and living for far too long. So, I'm working on changing the situation - and viewing losing weight as only part of the whole (if that makes sense).

Happy Monday, folks! I've got a big pot of veggie soup (from the ww week 1 pamphlet) on and I'm making a batch of southwest eggrolls (Chili's) to freeze. If I have time later, I'll post the recipe.

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