Shopping Spree
2:34 a.m. - 2003-12-07

Hello everyone! How have you weekends been? I've had some nice, long, slow, relaxing days.

I've been staying at my target 33 points, but I haven't been eating "good" because I still haven't gone to the grocery store.

I actually left the house today planning to go to the grocery store. I ended up at the mall doing Christmas shopping. I only have 3 people to shop for - mom, sister, and nephew. Because I suck at buying stuff for kids, I just give the money to my mother and let her pick out the gifts for my ton of little cousins. Also, it has long been a rule in the family that you don't get gifts after a certain age. My mom and aunts ("the old people who've been getting gifts for decades") decided that by your late teens, you should be content with spending time with family and friends, yadda, yadda, yadda. Even though they made this rule, it's amazing that they continue to expect gifts from their children -- hence, I ended up Christmas shopping today. I can always ask for something for Christmas and get it as a birthday gift - my birthday is only 9 days after.

I saw some Leslie Sansone dvds while I was shopping. I really wanted them, but they were like $35 each. Not in this lifetime! So, I came home and ordered Leslie Sansone: Walk Away the Pounds - Get Up and Get Started [DVD] from someone on -- for $12 with shipping.

I couldn't really get my nephew's Christmas gift because he was with me. I did buy him some sneakers and 2 jerseys he wanted (although he has almost 100 of each) -- to the tune of over $300. So, yeah, he knows not to expect anything until after income tax time.

And, because they don't read this journal/diary (what's the difference?), you all are privy to what my mom and sister are getting.


1. Wolfgang Puck 22-Piece Bistro Cookware Set from Best Buy.

2. A variety of gourmet coffees -- Sumatra Mandheling, Kenya AA, Guatemalan Huehuetenango, Colombian Supremo, and Aztec Pluma Mexican Organic -- from The Coffee Beanery. She has recently developed an absolute love of coffee. I'm going to put these coffees in a gift basket with a french press (which I also got there) and some Splenda and creamer. The store I went to didn't have all of the flavors or the press, but they ordered them. Now, I just have to go pick them up when they get in.


1. My sister absolutely LOVES talking on the phone. So, I got her anInnovage LCD Touch-panel Phone from Dillards.

2. She also gets JVC 600X Digital Zoom Super VHS-C Camcorder from Best Buy.

So, yeah, I am BEYOND BROKE. But, hey, I go back to work in a few weeks. And, I can always count on birthday money. And, I did manage to save enough to go to the grocery store -- which I didn't get to, but will tomorrow.

If anyone knows anything about the Leslie Sansone tapes, please let me know. You can either email me or send me a shout below. I just can't wrap my brain around walking inside -- in one place.

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