First Day OP
12:40 a.m. - 2003-12-05

This is just a quickie entry. Today was my first day OP. I gotta say, it was way easier than I thought it would be -- and, I didn't get hungry at all.

I'm still looking for some kind of activity. It's too cold to go outside walking right now. If I rearrange some furniture, I'll have enough space to do an exercise tape. But, I guess, we'll see about that.

Breakfast1 cup orange juice2--31
3 egg whites1--30
2 slices white bread2--28
3 slices bacon4--24
DinnerMeatloaf - WW recipe5--19
1 cup mashed potatoes4--15
side salad0--15
2 tbs Ranch salad dressing4--11
1/2 cup whole kernel corn1--10
Snack2 tbs peanut butter6--4
16 saltine crackers4--0
1 cup cofee, w/fat free creamer1---1
Total FlexPoints Used Today1
Total FlexPoints Available For Week34

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