Info Mission
12:25 a.m. - 2003-12-03

I did a lot of information gathering today. I called Weight Watchers of Greater Little Rock to get some general pricing information. I ended up having a very reassuring conversation with the nicest woman. Even though there are meetings less than a mile (go figure) from my house, I'll be attending meetings at the main center across town because they have them on Wednesdays. Actually, they have them Monday - Saturday. With my class schedule, Wednesdays work better for me.

I also called a lot of local gyms and talked to some really nice people. Did you know that the Y costs more than most of the gyms I called? Of course, this particular Y is in the "ritzy" part of town, so I really didn't expect anything less. During my info gathering mission, I learned that there is a Curves not that far from my house (go figure, again). I was a little skeptical about a 30 minute non-traditional workout. So, the lady I talked to said that most people are. She invited me to come work out whenever I got ready -- BEFORE I JOINED. Ya can't beat that with a stick! I'll more than likely end up joining because it's the cheapest of all of the places I talked to.

If anyone has any Weight Watchers or Curves For Women experiences they want to share with me (any tips, etc.), please feel free to either send me a shout below or email me at [email protected].

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