10:11 p.m. - 2003-12-01

Hello everyone! How were your holidays? I did all of the Thanksgiving cooking again this year. The good news is that we managed to get rid of all of the leftovers.

I�ve been disillusioned and disenchanted. My nutritionist and my gym have both disappointed me. Thus, I�ve lost the faith. Let�s take it from the top, shall we?

Thursday, November 13th - I didn�t have an official weigh in day because everyone was sick. Which, in and of itself, is no big deal.

Monday, November 17th - But, when I was at the gym on the following Monday, I asked her if she could weigh me. She accused me of being a slacker and only being concerned with the scale (instead of body fat, muscle, etc.). I didn�t get weighed. Uh, ok. Later the same day, I was in the changing room doing some stretches. She and the two female trainers came in. I guess that they didn�t know I was in there (or maybe they did and are just callous enough to not care?). They began a degrading conversation about how they are tired of all of the fat people and fat people should be locked in their houses. �MMMkay�

Tuesday, November 18th � I called the nutritionist to ask her some questions regarding what to eat on Thanksgiving. She basically told me to eat anything I wanted because she couldn�t be bothered. I called back and told her that I was canceling my membership to the gym. I called the bank and cancelled the gym�s auto pay.

So, I�ve been lost for the last 2 weeks. I�ve been eating crappy and feeling crappy. Did I mention that Tuesday, November 25th was my last day of work until the middle of January? So, I�m basically broke for the holidays. But, I�ve come to some big decisions. My mother and sister told me that I needed to decide what I wanted for Christmas and my birthday (January 3rd � 9 days after Christmas). So, here�s what I�m asking for: My membership to Weight Watchers paid for December and January, the gadgets on my Dollar Box list, and a new gym membership (gonna be either at the Y or the new Lady of America because they have spinning classes). I will attend my first Weight Watchers meeting tomorrow at noon. I have no idea what to expect. All I know is that I want to start 2004 as close to being 299 as I possibly can.

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