Baghdad Blues
9:06 p.m. - 2003-11-11

OK, it's been a whole week since I updated. I am fully aware of this.

FYI: Tomorrow is the official November weigh in day. I suspect I've gained 5 least, I hope its not over 5 pounds.

I've been eating everything in sight. I know why, but I've just refused to acknowledge. But, since I'm faced with jumping back on the wagon, I shall now fess up to what it is. Have you heard about all of the deaths recently in Baghdad? Well, someone very close to me was sent there a couple of weeks ago. He's ok, but I worry for him everyday. So, I'm dealing with tat worry combined with guilt. Guilt, you ask? Well, yeah. See, here's the deal..we were um, "together," but I insisted that we not flaunt it. The reasoning was simple in my mind: 1. I hate people being in my business (said the girl with an online journal) and 2. He's a year younger than me. I know, I know. Well, at least I know NOW. So, yeah, there is is and I've been eating.

I have a new workout partner. Her name is Joyce. Due to her stupid ex-husband, she was left with self-esteem issues. Let me just tell ya, Joyce is absolutely gorgeous. I think she has like, 20-30 pounds she wants to lose. From the first day at the gym, we were talking like we'd known each other for ages.

I have 2 sessions left with the trainer. Honestly, I'll be more thatn happy when I can start doing things without having to make conversation and answer 589,236,298 questions about how it feels.

My scale is officially dead...WOO HOO!! It died this weekend. Thank heavens! I'm going to wait until I'm under 300 to get another one, cuz this one wreaked havoc on my sanity.

Hey, Kate! Thank you very much. I absolutely adore Robyn and Fred (Fred's Book).

Well, peeps, I'm back on track tomorrow...promise! I know this weigh in is going to shock my ass into gear anyway.

I've got to go grocery shopping. Jackass and Jackass Jr. have thoroughly cleaned me out of all of my nutritious goodies (how in the hell can 2 people eat 70 fucking hotdog buns in 10 days without being seen by anyone eating a hotdog?)

McAfee Personal Firewall rocks! Someone at school keeps trying to hack me. Actually, I know who it is 'cuz I tracked his IP address.

And now a riddle for you (answer in the shout box -- correct answer coming 11/18):

What row of numbers comes next? This is a tough one!








Night-Night, Y'all!

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