1:25 a.m. - 2003-10-17

I forgot my McDonald's story in the last entry.

Before I started this way of life (no diets for me), I ate McDonald's EVERY FREAKING DAY. I'm serious. I always had the same thing -- either a 10 piece chicken nugget meal and a fish sandwich or a crispy chicken bacon ranch salad and a fish sandwich. Now, I haven't really been jonesing for any. But, then again, I hadn't been near one until Saturday.

Saturday I had to go and pick up my nephew and our little "cousin" who was visiting him from school (University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff). On the way back, they decided they wanted McDonald's. I was in the car with them chomping away on my favorite comfort food, and guess what? I DIDN'T CHEAT! NOT EVEN ONE SINGLE FRENCH FRY!

Hey, it's the little victories, right?

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